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The purpose of this project is to collect, document and pass on the scientific theory and practical experience that I have aquired during almost forty years of therapeutic and educational work with deaf, hearing impaired and multi-handicapped children and adolescents ranging in age from 2-21. This also includes deaf-blind; the physically and mentally handicapped; developmentally disabled; behaviourally disturbed; pupils with speech and language disorders, with contact disturbance or learning disability.

The substance of the project contains many music therapy approaches with these children and adolescents, including musical voice treatment and speech therapy, song therapy, dance and movement therapy, drama, instrumental and orchestral work. These pictures offer a brief glimpse of the eclectic variety of my work.

I hope that the project will be easily accessed by music therapists, music teachers, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other clinical professions. This project is also directed towards teachers and carers in children's homes, social centres and youth groups, parents and many others within the multidisciplinary teams working with these children and adolescents.

The project, developed in cooperation with Aalborg University, Denmark, includes 3 double layer DVD+R made for PC in Danish with Sign Language, and since March 2009 an English and Danish online version.

The retail price for a personal and permanent password is GB£: 25.- /EUR: 25.- /US$: 35.-

The use of an interactive, audio-visual medium gives the finest potential for presenting the wide range of material, and the finished product provides a basis from experience for communication, education, training and research. I hope that this will be an inspiration and significant contribution in a concrete way to develop teaching, therapy and treatment methods for children and adolescents for whom music is therapy and open new possibilities and perspectives in A World of Sound and Music.

With my best wishes. I hope to hear from you and see you later! Claus Bang.


Claus Bang - Music Therapist - Audio Speech Therapist

1961 - 1998: Head of the Music Therapy programme at the Aalborg School, Denmark, Training- and Guidance Centre for deaf, hearing impaired and deaf-blind children and adolescents.

1972 - 1975: Research project on "Musical Voice Treatment and Speech Therapy for Deaf and Normal Hearing Children".

1977 Initiator and member of the planning group for the Music Therapy education at Aalborg University.

Since 1976 Instructor and member of the Board of the IGMF - International Society for Further Training in Music Education, Bad Fredeburg, Germany. Since 2004 Honorary Member.

Since 1981 Vice-President and Instructor for The Beethoven Fund for Deaf Children, Great Britain.

Presentations and Demonstrations of music therapy in 42 countries.

Since 1998 free-lance instructor and innovative multimedia project leader.